Geelong waxing services

While Geelong is abuzz with the sound of bicycle tyres on asphalt with 2010 UCI Road Cycling World Championships in town,  here at Ren Skin Health we have the perfect Geelong waxing service for men and women seeking that aerodynamic, hair-free advantage.

Waxing is familiar territory for most women with many having had waxing hair removal for leg hair, underarm hair or a Brazilian. For many men waxing can be confronting, however at our Ren Skin Health waxing Geelong service we offer specifically men’s waxing. Cyclists need not use creams and mousses recommended by some bike magazines as waxing is a safe, effective, long lasting hair removal method.

The Ren Skin Health waxing service includes pre-care antiseptic and aftercare tea tree cream and we use the highest quality Lycon wax with disposable utensils so your Geelong waxing experience is hygienic and safe delivered with our professional care.

So while we support the band of Australian and international cyclists racing through our beautiful city,  at Ren Skin Health we provide the ideal Geelong waxing service for all cyclists – professional and amateur – who take their sport seriously.