Winter at Ren Skin Health

Winter is here and for most of us that means that the cold, wet and windy days bring more that just rosy cheeks, it can also mean uncomfortable dryness to the skin on our face, body, hands and feet. For many people it’s not just a tight dry feeling on our skin but can also result in our skin becoming flakey and dehydrated.

  1. The most important advice we give our clients is that your skin condition will often change from season to season so make sure you come into Ren Skin Health and have a professional skin consultation with one of our experienced Beauty Therapists. Do not try to self-diagnose your own skin, the girls at Ren Skin Health have years of experience and professional equipment such as Skin Scanners and Wood Lamps that help to give every client an accurate diagnosis and a tailored home care regime. Winter is a great time to include boosters such as serums and masques to revitalise your skin.
  2. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and include green leafy and bright coloured vegetables to keep up your Vitamin A levels. Your berries and fruits for antioxidants and Vitamin C levels and Deep Sea Fish for essential fatty acids.
  3. Treat yourself with Ren Skin Health’s amazing Winter Warmer Package.
    • Your treatment will start with a relaxing back and shoulder massage treatment using a warm massage oil infused with essential oils.
    • An indulgent 45min facial treatment designed to hydrate and revitalize your face neck and d├ęcolletage areas with a pressure point scalp massage while your mask is activating. You will also have the choice of an Intensive Eye Treatment or an Eyelash Tint.
    • When your therapist has finished your treatment, you can relax with a warm herbal tea while your therapist prepares a tailored sample pack designed specifically for your skin type and condition.

Hurry this amazing package finishes on Wednesday the 31st of July.

Ren Skin Health Winter Warmer Package