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The effect of stress on our skin

Posted on June 27, 2014

Being under pressure, feeling run-down or stressed can trigger or increase skin conditions. Stress can lead to breakouts on the neck and sides of the face, thickening of facial hair, and cause fine lines on our face. Long-term stress is also responsible for premature ageing and can lead to or flare up more serious conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or hyper-pigmentation.

When your body is stressed, the production of stress hormones, adrenaline and other steroids is increased. Acne forms when oil secretions from our sebaceous glands starts to congest our pores, and when certain hormones are triggered our glands produce more oil. When our glands produce more oil, this leads to more congestion, which then leads to unhealthy oil activity – causing acne.

Stress also affects the nervous system. Prolonged stress levels also increases chemicals that pass messages between our nerve endings, which can increase inflammation, redness and sensitivity levels in our skin. Long-term stress can also be evident on some people’s skin, we will try to find the trigger of your skin concerns and if it is stress-related, you need to try and find more balance in your life. Find something you can do for yourself to switch off from your stresses, such as having a relaxation massage once a week, treating yourself to a facial, as well as eating a healthy diet and keeping yourself active.

At Ren Skin Health, we are professional aestheticians wanting all our clients to understand we are not here just to do a facialand sell skincare, we are here to take a journey with our clients and help your condition. Or, if you need to seek medical advice or visit a naturopath and work with them first, then we can help with any damage such as scarring, and recommend a skincare program to maintain ultimate skin health.

At Ren Skin Health, we offer complimentary skin scanning and consultations, so we can discuss the best solution to achieve optimal skin health. Please contact us to book a consultation.