Eyelash extensions available at Ren Skin Health in Geelong

Ren Skin Health is one of Geelong’s leading salons when it comes to the application of eyelash extensions. Our eyelash extension technicians have completed their certified training courses, and specialize in creating any look you desire. We pride ourselves on our teams professionalism and care they take in reconstructing your eyelashes to a shape and style you are pleased with.

Eyelash extensions are perfect for brides or any client who struggles with having to apply mascara every day. Contact our specialist eyelash technicians at Ren Skin Health for more information and we will ask a few simple questions about your natural lashes and make time for a consultation and lash application. Your technician will give you a lash brush and homecare advice on how to maintain your lashes at home, and rebook a time in around three weeks time for your first refill.