The Dermapen 4 takes skin needling to the next level for our Geelong clients

What is skin needling?

Skin Needling is a non-invasive clinical treatment that uses microscopic needles to penetrate the skin within the epidermis and dermis. These channels cause keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and melanocytes that produce numerous growth factors to improve and normalise various skin functions.

We are very to announce the arrival of the brand new Dermapen 4 (medical needling device) at Ren Skin Health. This latest revolutionary technology offers amazing results for those concerned with scarring, stretch marks, acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation disorders including sun damage, melasma, ageing skin, and overall rejuvenation.

The difference between using the Dermapen 4 and the traditional Skin Needling Rolling Device that we have used in the past 8 years is, by using the Dermapen 4 we can provide our clients with quick and superior treatment with greater patient comfort due to precise and reliable drag free needle penetration without the need for topical numbing cream.

The Dermapen 4 allows  us to provide a more customised treatment with the adjustable needle depth we can now penetrate the skin up to 3mm. Dermapen 4 uses 16 micro needles with 4-speed options, allowing the needles to oscillate at a speed of up to 120 revolutions per second.

The Dermapen 4 also has the ability to treat all areas of the body. Delicate regions should not be forgotten, as treatment of these zones can offer the greatest benefits and results. This advanced technology allows us to treat the neck, décolletage, lips, back of hands and eyelids.

For more information about our skin needling service in Geelong, get it contact with one of our friendly team members or make a booking online.