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Facial treatments, Geelong


  1. Vitamin Skin Treatment, suitable for all Skin Types
    60 mins $125.00
    w/peel $145.00
  2. An antioxidant infusion for all skin types designed to repair, strengthen and revitalise the skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are used to remove dead skin cells that can contribute to dull-looking skin, while essential vitamins and antioxidants help to feed and restore glowing skin.
  3. Clear Skin Treatment, suitable for Problematic, Acne Skin Types
    45 mins $98.00
    w/peel $118.00
  4. A treatment specifically designed to purify, soothe and balance oily and congested skins. An effective anti-bacterial exfoliation targeting breakouts with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help calm the skin, while essential vitamins assist in healing and restoring moisture to the skin.
  5. Microdermabrasion  or Micro Hydrabrasion Treatment, suitable for most Skin Types
    60 mins $125
    Series of 3 $320 (saving $ 55)
    Series of 6 $625  (saving $125)
  6. Great treatment for scarring, congested, pigmented and lack-luster skins. Microdermabrasion is a method that delivers a powerful, yet gentle stream of fine diamond crystals to the skin in order to slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth and fresh, while promoting new skin and collagen growth.
  7. Signature Deep Cleanse Treatment, suitable for all Skin Types
    45 min $98
    w/peel $118
  8. This luxurious deep cleansing treatment has been specifically designed to re-balance, purify, soothe and repair the skin, incorporating essential vitamins and antioxidants. Skin will look and feel clean, calm and refreshed. This is the perfect treatment for a client who simply wants to relax and feel pampered.
  9.  Medi Facial
  10. Medi Facials are Medical Strength Treatment’s Individually Customised to achieve results without the stress of downtime. Cosmedix Medi Facials have been clinically proven to successfully treat a wide variety of skin concerns such as Ageing Skin, Acne, Dry or Dehydrated Skin, Oily & Congested Skin, Pigmentation & Rosacea. To enhance results we highly recommend the addition of LED Light Therapy & Clincal Peel to your Medi Facial         $125.00Add On Clinical Peel $20.00

    Add On Clinical Peel + LED $35.00

  11. Environ Advanced Electro-Sonic Advanced Skin Treatments
  12. Environ’s pioneering dual electro-sonic technology sets the benchmark for Professional Skincare Treatments.  Low Frequency Sonophoresis together with Pulsed Iontophoresis are used to Infuse Active Vitamins, Peptides and Growth Factors into the skin.
  13. Environ Moisture Boost Skin Treatment ( All Skin Types)                                            75 min $140.00
  14. Environ Comfort Calm Skin Treatment ( Sensitive Skin)                                                   75 Min $140.00
  15. Environ Youth Reset Advanced Skin Treatment + Cool Peel Treatment               90 min $160.00

Facial treatment upgrades

  1. Rejuvenating Neck Treatment
    w/facial $20.00
  2. This anti-ageing neck and décolletage treatment specifically targets environmentally damaged skin. It works to strengthen and restore the tone, texture and contour of the neck area using high levels of vitamins A and C and antioxidants.
  3. Add On Clinical Peel to any Facial Treatment $20.00
  4. Add On Dermaluxe Medical Grade LED + Clinical Peel $35.00

Clinical Peels

  1. Cosmedix & Aspect Clinical Peels Level 1 & 2    ( No Downtime)  30 min $95.00
  2. Medi Peel Level 1 & 2 + LED     45 min  $115.00
  3. Cosmedix Timeless Peel Level 3 with LED.     $150.00     (Clients need to be using Cosmedix Vitamin A for at least 2 weeks prior to level 3 peels)
  4. Cosmedix Deep Sea Peel Level 3 with LED.    $150.00.    (Clients need to be using Cosmedix Vitamin A for at least 2 weeks prior to level 3 peels)
  5. Environ Cool Peel Treatments 45min $99.00

Please contact us for enquiries about any of our  facial treatments. Our qualified beauty therapists also provide a range of body treatments and waxing services in Geelong.